1,000 Days of Gratitude: 520-533

520. The work of the Spirit – It’s good to have a reminder, every so often, that the Spirit is working in me; things are happening, though often slowly.

521. The most beautiful dress – If you want to see said dress, you should come to one of three performances of Beauty and the Beast in early July. You really should.

522. Having expertise – I was asked how to solve a problem at work by someone I usually ask to help me solve problems. It was pretty affirming.

523. Relief from the rain – Rain often gets me down emotionally, and a sunny day was just what I needed.

524. Getting out of the house – Even a homebody can get out every once in a while.

525. Salted caramel ice cream – Only one of many incredible ice cream flavors available at Addie’s in Houghton.

526. Frisbee – One physical game I’m actually pretty decent at playing.

527. June evenings – Everything about them, basically.

528. Fireflies – One of the particularly wonderful parts of June evenings.

529. Unusual carrot salad – It worked, but it was kind of weird, I’ll admit.

530. Putting down the script – I’ve been able to free myself from the script at rehearsal, which feels really good.

531. Finally following through – On my summer part-time schedule, I’m making time every day to complete small-business tasks, and I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

532. The cast – I really appreciate the people I get to work with on Beauty and the Beast. They’re great.

533. Social ability – I’ve had several experiences recently where I was without fear or anxiety in a social setting, and I am immensely thankful to see that this is possible, and that there seems to be growth in my abilities.


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